Wednesday is for Incubation

Today is a day to second guess your choices in themes, or to continue playing with it. If you haven’t chosen your theme yet, no big deal. Today is for play, for letting go of expectations, for stepping out of your head and just seeing how it feels to approach your possible theme or themes. You will still be able to change it if you need to. But take a day or two to sit with what you choose. See what it is like to think this way.

When we pick a theme, somehow it begins to color how we look at the world around us. Don’t take your choices too seriously. Much like the classic vase or faces picture, there isn’t really a wrong decision you can make here. The choices can be equally enjoyable and creative for your year. When you are  out and about you begin to imagine how your theme is affected by the surroundings, and what you may be able to use or apply to your explorations.

When I was learning to draw, I really began to notice how buildings and skylines looked in new ways. I was so shocked to see the alignment of the lamp posts along the street. That was something I never would have thought about before. Suddenly, I became privy to the private language of architects and sculptors. It was as if a whole new interpretation of my world became accessible to me. Well, I suppose it really had.

When you take a year to explore something, it lets you see in a very real way, how yogic principles apply in new ways, no matter which themes you are exploring. What we begin to notice is how our mind (thoughts) colors the world we see. How we explore, and what we pay attention to shapes our experience in new ways. We can see that when we change how we think, the way the world around us appears can be what changes.

So take some time and look at the world around you. Do you seem to have a bunch of new ideas? Do you forget what your theme was? You can pick something so interesting and valuable to you, that you won’t forget and you will feel the world open up to you. See what works.

See you tomorrow!